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Popular foliage houseplant easily recognized by its large glossy leaves

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Windowleaf is a popular foliage houseplant easily recognized by its large glossy leaves that are dissected with deep splits and perforated with oblong holes.
Windowleaf is an easy houseplant to maintain. It tolerates dry air and semi-shade better than most plants. It does best in half shade or a moderately bright position, but not in direct sun.


This tree, more than 60″ tall comes in a natural rubber planter with wrapping and attaching message ribbon. It ready for planting in the garden or proudly displaying in the home or office.
Basic type: Approximately 60″ high, including container
Upgraded type: Approximately 70″ high, including container

Price RangeEconomicMiddle LowModerateMiddle HighFinest Stuff
Suitable PlaceIndoor, Inside of Model House, Office, Large Living Room, Large Restaurant, Underground Store, Tropical Style, Moist Place, opening ceremony, Shop Entrance
Good PlacementCenter of Large Space, Table Side, Window Side, Wall Side, Corner
LightDark ShadeShadeLiving Room(indoor)Veranda(bright place)Sunny Place
Standing the ColdWeakA Little WeakAverageA Little StrongStrong
WateringDry(desert weather)A Little DryOffice IndoorA Little MoistMoist
heightSmall(20″~25″)Little Small(30″~40″)Middle(40″~50″)Man Size(60″~70″)Taller(80″~90″)
Volume sizeNarrowA Little NarrowArmfulLittle WideWide
Leaf QuantityRareLittleNormalLittle PlentifulPlentiful

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Monstera – Windowleaf
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